Saturday, February 26, 2011

So what has been happening? .. stay tuned...

Well  I have been up to ... NOTHING! I cannot get motivated to stamp.. could be that I have been sick the past few days.. but still I want to stamp.. just cant muster up the "get up and go" mode.. I got some new inks and stamps in the mail.. thought that would help but .. NOPE~ nothing.. guess I will try again next week.. I have to get some done.. im in a swap~ lol.. thank goodness it not due for a couple months.. :)
When I DO get some mojo goin on.. I will have them done in enough time and they will hopefully be beautiful :)  I know what I want them to look like in my head.. just have to get it down on the cardstock :)

My son signed up on his OWN for Saturday school.. OMG shocked me.. but Im proud of him for putting forth the effort to get some extra credit in on his studies :) YAY for you my son! ..

(now if his mom can get off the buttocks and do some of what she needs to do.. the world will be a better place~ Atleast mine will )  LMAO..

Have a good night everyone.. Im off to do what I do best.. Catch some TV time~ lol.. criminal minds here i come!


  1. So sorry that you haven't been feeling well! I hope you get better soon!!!!!

  2. I just found your blog and it looks great. Hope you are feeling better and feel like stamping soon.